Become ExtraOrdinary. Smart online promotion of the kennel.
Join the Seminar about the Marketing for breeders, based on the unique online Course that has already changed lives of hundreds breeders in 20 countries.
WHEN: 20.05.2020
PRICE: 200$
2 days intensive workshop
WHERE: Lorem Ipsum Poland Bla
About the new approach towards online promotion of the kennel and preservation of responsible breeders
About tremendous positive improvements that marketing will bring into your life and breeder's practice
A new way to spread your message, to do work that you're proud of
About the seminar
A real working tool for breeders.
This seminar is not just about sales of puppies. It is about presentation yourself as a responsible and preservation breeder in modern society online and offline.
You will get numerous answers of marketing on typical issues which breeders face through the practice of kennel's advertisement.
A great opportunity to transform your vision of communication about your breed, kennel, and mission of your breeding.

This 2-days seminar will show you how you can return your investments into your kennel

What changes the Seminar will bring into your life and breeder's practice
The most important: at once after the Marketing Seminar you can implement this knowledge on practice.
You will start planning online activity, and it will lead you to creating a waiting list of prospective owners, who want to get puppy specially from you, trust you and respect your breeding.
You will get model of development which will let you to implement online marketing to your breeder’s practice. You will stop being seller, you can just remain being breeder.
Understanding which values of dog breeding are important for both sides - breeders and future owners.
Discover that the world has changed tremendously, that is why there is no more competition among breeders of one breed.
You will be able to show clear criteria of your responsible approach towards quality breeding, which will make you unique and noteworthy among other breeders.
DAY 1 - Starting point of understanding marketing for breeders.
What you'll learn.
The time is now. Modern approach to promotion of the kennel means Marketing for breeders.
Discussion of traditional kennel’s promotion model and false collective experience among breeders.
Highlighting why there is no competition among breeders, as well as there are no advantages of breeding popular breeds.
What ExtraOrdinary means towards breeder, which activity online should be done to manifest individual features of each kennel.
What should be done to ensure that your kennel can be easily found online.
Typical mistakes made online by breeders that push prospective owners away.
Which answers breeder should provide online to attract responsible prospective owners.
Video marketing for breeders.
Conducting lifestyle portfolio for the kennel.
The main trends and top 5 selling elements in a portfolio.
Details about planning an extraordinary kennel portfolio.
Overview of typical mistakes made during photosets with dogs.
Answers of marketing on typical issues which breeders face through the kennel’s promotion and development.
Customer’s Journey online, how breeders can implement it.
Visual storytelling and communication online.
1. Template of description of your kennel

2. Q&A worksheet of Customer Journey map of desired prospect owners to the kennel)

3. List of triggers to take into consideration planning lifestyle portfolio
You will get worksheets that will help you to implement new information into practice.

DAY 2 - Digital marketing for breeders in practice.
Working out effective content plan for your blog.
Explaining how to find and make significant emphasis on breed's treats that are important for prospective owners, to help them take correct decision whether to choose this breed or not.
Working with Value Proposition template. Discussing what is important to promote in your breed so that correct prospective buyers address you and you could choose the best owners.
Learning on how to work out web site prototype. Discussing modern trends in web site design and usability.
Implementing organic promotion of the web site. Which exactly materials make the kennel's web site popular and attractive for prospective owners.
Difference between Instagram and Facebook.
Discussing hidden possibilities of Facebook for breeders.
Understanding algorithms of Instagram, that helps to dispel major myths of Instagram
How to start loving Instagram without being dependent on it
  1. Questionnaire about the breed's specific features which are important for prospective owners.

  2. The prototype of the Kennel's Web site

  3. Content plan for social media marketing and content marketing.

  4. Planner of hashtag's topics, and template of hashtag's posting in Instagram

  5. Roadmap of implementation of online marketing to breeder's life.
You will get worksheets that will help you to implement new information into practice.
Discussion of how to manage family life, breeder's life and active online promotions.
Time management for breeders
Who is the Seminar for?
This Seminar is designed for breeders, who are proud of their breed, value their time and money, they invest in the development and promotion of their Kennel's Name.

This seminar will help those who are open minded and motivated to discover changes that online marketing can bring to the development of their kennel.

It will be particularly useful for anyone dealing with online communication and interested to develop their understanding on how the online marketing system for kennel's promotion is designed.
Breeders with different level of experience attend this Seminar.
who only consider possibility to become breeder in future or already had experience with one or two litters. This seminar will become a good starting point for them.
who have been practicing breeding for about 5 – 10 years will get multiple answers on the questions they have been gathering through years of breeding.
who gained recognition of their expertise on the international level and FCI judges, also visited this seminar. They all noted that the Seminar gave them tones of useful information and changed their vision on some issues.
Amateur owners
Experienced breeders
Top breeders

About the Speaker.
Who developed the Seminar?
Victoria Borysova
15 years of experience as a professional C-level Marketing expert, with specialization on strategic marketing, content marketing and branding.

Career path includes Chief Marketing Officer of COLLAR company (global market of pet industry), Group brand manager on the FMCG market.

20 years of active dog show life, starting from junior handling went through the path of handler and groomer, traveled to about 20 countries for dog shows.

Owner of the FCI kennel "Eldzh Hope", breeding miniature schnauzers. Graduates of the kennel live in 20 countries around the world, including the top kennels and breed experts. Among alumni's of Eldzh Hope kennel are Top Dog in Europe 2019, European Winner 2021, ISPU champions, Multiple International Champions.
The concept of the project "Marketing for breeders" emerged from Victoria's marketing expertise personal experience as a marketing expert, closely linked with dog showing and breeder's life.

"Breeders are ready to spend time and money on shows, master classes on grooming and handling, and certainly on breeding. But I know only few breeders who work systematically to promote the kennel. It is time to admit that online marketing of the kennel becomes more and more important. A more comprehensive approach would focus on understanding how marketing can be helpful to breeders. I am glad that this Seminar is easily understood and applied in practice."
About the project Marketing for Breeders
The first educational online Course for breeders of cats and dogs about smart online promotion of the kennel in the world.
Contemporary symbiosis of online marketing and responsible breeding.
This project started at 2019. First it was conducted in the format of live Workshops for dog breeders.
Later due to great references of attendants, and tremendous interest of breeders from different countries the project developed into a big online course.
Starting from January 2020, more than 300 responsible breeders, representing about 150 dog breeds and 30 cat breeds from 25 countries worldwide already attended this online course. Starting from January 2020 this project gathered community of more than 300 Breeders all over the world!

Contemporary symbiosis of online marketing and responsible breeding. It is all about the new approach towards online promotion of the kennel and preservation of responsible breeders, who love their breed and do their best to develop their kennel. "Marketing for breeders" corresponds to building correct positioning of the breeder, understanding owner's needs, integrated approach to the mission of breeder.

Our mission is to make significant changes in breeders practice of kennel's promotion, litters' advertisement, and show the new easy way of marketing online.

We believe that every breeder and every kennel is unique. This project can show and teach how to make yourself Extraordinary. Because without "extra" each breeder remains just "ordinary".
It is vitally important for every breeder to find and show kennel's unique traits and advantages. We explain and show that first you make smart online communication strategy, second you provide correct and useful content your prospective owners need, than you see results of your changes. There is an exiting and great way to go from strategy to tactics. And it's worth it.

Alumni' insights
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Galina Pryadko
Caritas Mea Vita kennel, Ukraine
It helped me to look at the relationship between the breeder and the future owners from a completely different angle and taught me how to form my own individual identity.
This course brought dramatic changes into my view on some issues and approach to the kennel's image. In some other issues, on the contrary, gave a clear confirmation of my timid thoughts and notes. But, most importantly, it helped me to look at the relationship between the breeder and the future owners from a completely different angle and taught me how to form my own individual identity.

The course "Marketing for breeders" is not about how to become more expensive, faster, to overtake and outrun, this course is about the development strategy for the kennel. And most importantly, it is about how to become unique for future owners.
Inguna Tihomirova
Black Imp kennel, Latvia
After the course, you will look at the world with a different vision, feelings and understanding.
Dynamic. Professional. Creative.
In the course you gain energy, experience and knowledge.

The main advantage of the course is that YOU SHOULD do it yourself. And then Victoria always has the right time and place for relevant comments, valuable advice and ideas.

After the course, you will look at the world with a different vision, feelings and understanding. The order of things around you will change, the scale of values will change. And your self-esteem, believe me, will grow so much that you will be able to appreciate your uniqueness.

Thank you, Vika.
Elena Varganova
Old Bluz kennel, Russia
It is an opportunity to realize who I am as a breeder, to understand my value and learn how to transfer this information to the outside world.
This course turned my whole world upside down.
First of all, it helped me ещ understand who I am, what I do, why I do it. It helped me to dot all the i's.
This is not a course about sales, although sales will definitely come. It is an opportunity to realize who I am as a breeder, to understand my value and learn how to transfer this information to the outside world.

Sales without sales - it sounds strange, but it is true.
There will be a lot of work to do. The main value of Marketing for breeders is that you are not given ready-made solutions. You get the knowledge you need and put it into practice yourself. "You want to feed a man once, give him a fish. You want to feed him for life - teach him how to fish" Confucius.

It is complicated! It is interesting! And definitely it is useful!
All the information is presented very concentrated and at the same time as detailed and clear as possible.
Natalia Aharon, Czech Republic
"Before the course I had an endless number of thoughts in my head about the kennel, but in the middle of the course these thoughts turned into a clear plan of action.
It was the FIRST paid online course in my life. I didn't miss a single class, despite the fact that there is always the opportunity to watch the lesson in the recording. I adjusted plans, canceled appointments - I have a class to attend! To date, I can say that the Marketing for Breeders course has been a major and defining event of the year.
Before the course I had an endless number of ideas about the kennel, but by the middle of the course those thoughts had already turned into a clear action plan. It turned out that my weaknesses are my advantages, which I can use on the road to success. I saw my breed from the outside, I realized who my potential clients were, who my competitors were and, most importantly, what their weaknesses were. I was given my best cards and explained how to play them correctly. You don't have to do the assignments, but you want to do them. With each task you discover something new! And you constantly feel the subtle, but so important support of Victoria and her whole team. There is so much more to write, but it's better to try it. And I already know for sure that I have not only got clear guidelines for action and the developments of an experienced marketer, but also have found reliable friends and like-minded people for a long time to come. Everything is still to come! Thank you, Victoria, for being able to change my world!
Iryna Miroshnyk, FCI Judge Irislav Labradors kennel, Ukraine
"The Marketing for Breeders course is a very modern, comprehensive and systematic approach to formation and promotion of any business".
I've been "following" the course since the announcement of seminars, I wanted to attend, I was going to attend. I had no apprehensions, there is always a use for new knowledge. But I am definitely grateful to quarantine, which translated the course into online format. A lot of useful, necessary and accessible information laid out.

The course Marketing for Breeders is a very modern, comprehensive and systematic approach to the formation and promotion of any business. The lecturer is very inspiring and motivates for a high result. I definitely recommend it!
Mariika Alexeeva
Zai Shen kennel, Finland
"The course doesn't teach you how to sell a lot at a high price, it teaches you how to be competent and in demand. They teach you to understand how promotion tools work. Thanks to Victoria and her team I understand where I need to go.
I attended several free "Marketing for Breeders" webinars and decided that I needed to study this program further. In September I saw the announcement about the enrollment to the group with more in-depth studying of this question.

I have a young kennel and it is very important to me to know and be able to follow the owner's journey from wanting a pet to realizing and understanding their dreams.

The course does not teach you how to sell a lot at a high price, it teaches you how to be competent and in demand. They teach to understand how promotion tools work.

Now I am starting to work on my website. Victoria has clearly explained everything about style, color and website design specifically for my breed and the buyers I want to see in my kennel.

Thanks to Victoria and her team, I understand where I need to go. There is still a lot of work to do, for many months to come. There is now a plan for how things should be done. There is a lot of work ahead. Tha
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