Hakuna Vota Siberians - Life at the Husky's pace!
This is a story about standing out in the crowd.
About key points, when discovering your own individuality is essential to reaching your goals.
It is a story about Tatiana, a determined breeder of Siberian Huskies. Despite facing many breed-related challenges, she did not give up and didn't take the easy route of imitating more experienced breeders. She decided to get to the root of the problem and find answers to her questions, and consequently, she has found her own way!
This case is especially exciting and special. In this case, full immersion into the learning process and application of the course material led to the desired results in a very difficult breed. This case deserves a detailed overview of each step we have taken, and it should be helpful to the breeders reading it.
Meet the family of Hakuna Vota Siberians.
Tatiana and her husband are owners of a small family-type kennel Hakuna Vota Siberians breeding Siberian Huskies. They are active young people working in the IT sphere. Their huskies live with them in the house and are true companion dogs. Together they travel a lot, participate in dog shows, and enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor activities on the weekends.

Tatiana has very high expectations for the quality of life for her puppies. At the very start of her breeding, she understood that it would be quite complicated to find owners who met her expectations. This is a particular challenge for the new unknown breeder, especially when you are involved in a breed like the Siberian Husky.
By clarifying essential problems, you are on the way to solving them.
At the beginning of our course "Marketing for Breeders," our heroine set a concrete goal:

To make her kennel a brand, the future owners approaching her consciously choose and commit to buying a puppy from Hakuna Vota Siberians; share the breeder's values towards proper upbringing and lifestyle with the husky, and welcome their dog as a partner and family member.

In addition to all of the above, Tatiana had some observations and hesitations about the future of her breeding program. We should discuss this in detail because the situation within the breed affects the future of the individual breeder.
Is the Husky, not suitable for the urban lifestyle?
Due to owners' irresponsibility, the breed developed a bad reputation which led to myths and rumors about huskies; they are hyperactive, unruly, and untrainable, prone to escapes on daily walks, and their need for high intensity exercise. These myths led to most people believing that huskies can't happily live in the usual flat and you have to build an outdoor kennel and have a large yard for them to run in.

Tatiana's own experience was different. Therefore, she needed to educate her audience about Huskies.
Her first task was to show and tell her audience the real nature of the husky breed itself: to help the audience decide whether or not the breed is a good fit for them or if they should choose another. Of course, she had to dispel popular myths about huskies.
The next task was to show prospective owners that huskies with correct temperament, correct upbringing, and socialization, who receive appropriate mental and physical stimulation - are an excellent choice even if you live in the city in a flat.
Being among hundreds of breeder competitors – Is it what's called a no-win situation?
The rapid growth in popularity of the breed meant a vast selection of breeders and puppy offers. Ordinary people did not know how to make a good choice as all breeders spoke about themselves in the same manner - multiple show champions, excellent pedigrees, and they showed cute photos of the puppies.
Tatiana's positioning in this situation was quite complicated. She couldn't speak about herself as an experienced breeder. In her breeding program, she planned no more than one litter per year. So it would be a challenging task to find owners who would be willing to wait for a puppy bred by Tatiana.
How do you justify high puppy prices when future owners are not interested in show champions?
When Tatiana joined our course, the market was oversaturated, and the pricing situation for the breed was very complicated. There were a lot of accidental breeders who just wanted to make money on huskies, and prices ranged from $100 to $1500. At the same time, the popularity of the breed was in sharp decline. Even the experienced devoted breeders sometimes chose to skip litters and get out of huskies completely. Tatiana understood that in a situation like that, her dog's show results are not the most convincing argument for the everyday person. Prospective owners simply did not understand the value of the titles and Tatiana's breeding.
During the course, we were able to highlight specific key points to address, which we discussed:
1. Why would the future owners choose her breeding program?
2. What should be showcased for the future owners to see the value and be willing to pay the high asking price when then they can find a much cheaper puppy?
3. What should we do to attract desired responsible owners when litters are infrequent and prospective owners should be prepared to wait for the puppy?
A thorough and detailed evaluation and search for answers.When you accomplish one dream, keep on dreaming.
To avoid losing ourselves in a variety of ideas and to focus on the implementation of the most effective tools, we had to make an action plan and then implement it step by step. This way, we are able to find key answers, form the strategy and then decide on action.
What we did: We started with the standard market analysis, which showed us that most of the breeders promoted their breeding program in the same usual way of advertising their puppies. Then we analyzed insights provided by current and future husky owners and gathered myths and rumors about huskies, and set to work on a Value Proposition for the breed. Creating Value propositions is a challenging task, and this tool is the base for marketing campaigns. A clearly formed Value Proposition is the key to success in building the audience organically.
In order to create the Value Proposition, we first had to form an understanding of who we would be addressing. We worked on figuring out the portrait of the desired owner who met Tatina's expectations.
What kind of people did Tatiana see as the ideal owner for her puppies? They would have strong personalities, show a responsible approach to their decision making, and at the same time be open to new experiences. Those would be people with defined life philosophies, which would lead them to build a relationship with their husky. These would be people with big hearts who know what they want and are ready to see their dog as a family member and partner. They are ready for husky spirit and live life at their husky's pace!
From this, we formulated several key messages which were related to the audience of desired owners: Live at the husky's pace. Together with our husky, you choose a lifestyle full of adventures, a sense of humor, and a husky suitable for urban life.
Key solutions.
We came to the conclusion that the most useful platform to convey information and ideas of Hakuna Vota Siberians will be a website with target visuals and text content with a particular tone of voice. This website will be very different from any other and will be designed for the owners wanting to figure out if a husky breed is a good choice for them.
We gave special attention to the website's blog. By defining topics based on particular traits of the breed and addressing multiple doubts and concerns of the future owners, we made a powerful tool that gave the audience a clear understanding that a husky can be a suitable and interesting breed for the right people.
Next step, we thoroughly worked on topics for future portfolios. All key visuals were chosen to show which lifestyle matches the personalities of the owner and the husky and is suitable for both of them. All photos on the website were made by the breeder in cooperation with photographers that depict how strongly she admires her dogs. Those people who fall in love with Hakuna Vota Huskies don't even think about searching for other breeders.
Of course, in addition to the website, Tatiana had started her blog on Instagram and Facebook., There we can follow her daily routine with huskies. She shares her thoughts about the breed and experience with different challenges, and of course, it is a great possibility to meet each of her dogs personally. This is her way of speaking to her audience in an informal way and attracting new people who admire huskies.
To sum up how we fulfilled the challenging goal.
That was a special case from our Course, as we had to work out the promotional program of the specific kennel and work on the breed's reputation issues as well as the positioning of the breeder herself.
To summarize what we did during the course "Marketing for breeders":
1. Focused on the breeder's goals
2. Described portrait of the desired owner
3. Competitor's analysis
4. Analysis of the Value Proposition of the breed and the kennel;
5. Content strategy for the website and social media
6. Key messages
7. Topics for the portfolio and key messages.
Through the use of these tools, we formulated the presentation of the Hakuna Vota Siberians kennel, which stands out among others, visualized the breeder's portrait, and showcased the high quality of the dog in the breeding program. We dispelled the false beliefs and negative attitudes towards owning huskies. We were able to show by example that huskies can be well suited for life in a flat when they are matched with the right owner.
We fulfilled the main goal, which our heroine had formed at the beginning of the Course: To make her kennel a brand, so the future owners approaching her consciously choose and commit to buying a puppy from Hakuna Vota Siberians; share the breeder's values towards proper upbringing and lifestyle with the husky, and welcome their dog as a partner and family member.
To summarize the results of her breeding program promotion after our course: As a result of work done in 2021, all puppies born in the breeding program found their owners in Ukraine and the different countries across Europe.
Where is Tatiana now?
Tatiana is as devoted to her program and promotion as she was at the start. She updates her website with new articles and makes new content for her lifestyle blog. She is making a significant impact on the development of her family kennel Hakuna Vota Siberians, and positively improves public opinion about Siberian Huskies as a breed. Commitment to the breed – the trait which differentiates responsible breeders from all the rest.
I am thankful to Tatiana for her participation and for sharing her vision of life at a husky's pace with us.

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