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Hi, I'm Victoria. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine with my family and my schnauzers.

I am the creator of Marketing for Breeders Online Breeder Course, which already changed the lives of over 300 dog and cat breeders wordwide.

Since childhood, I have dreamed of owning a purebred dog and becoming a breeder. About 25 years ago, I got my first show dog Atris- a standard schnauzer, who became a Ukrainian Champion and National Winner while I was a junior handler. My love of the Schnauzer breed grew from there; now I am the owner of the world-reknown kennel "Eldzh Hope" breeding black miniature schnauzers.

I am also a professional marketing specialist with 20 years of experience, with 3 years as a Chief Marketing Officer in the pet industry. When I first started my professional career in marketing, I noticed the massive gap between breeders and ordinary people who do not understand this lifestyle and inner workings of our hobby. Working as Chief Marketing Officer in the international company in the pet industry provided me with insider knowledge. Presenting our products at professionals-only expos in the USA and Europe, communicating with top managers of global companies, and launching our brands on the International level in the USA, Europe, and Japan affected my vision of promoting pet related brands and my understanding of effective communication between owners and breeders.

I knew that my marketing expertise could be helpful for the people I care much about – breeders. My experience as a marketing specialist can help responsible breeders promote their program effectively and without having to advertise puppies for sale.

I am a breeder as well, and I am familiar with the everyday activity of breeders, their expectations, motivation, and the many challenges they face.

I started "Marketing for Breeders" as a few marketing seminars presented at dog shows. Breeders loved them, found them helpful, and continuously asked for more. Their desire for knowledge led to the creation of the comprehensive platform for breeders. I have a unique mission and help bring transformations that we discuss in detail in our Success Stories.

I hope my platform will positively impact your life and help you get inspired to meet new people and expand your horizons.
That is our story in facts
“Marketing for breeders” started it’s development in autumn 2019
First it was conducted in the format of live Seminars, which were organized in different cities of Ukraine.
Through the all 2020 year our project got tremendous support of its General Partner – company Royal Canin Ukraine. We also conducted numerous online webinars for breeders of cats and dogs.
Later in the middle of the year 2020 due to great feedbacks from attendants attendants (breeders) of our seminars, and tremendous interest of breeders from different countries the program developed into a big online course.
Starting from January 2020, more than 300 breeders of cats and dogs from 25 countries all over the world already attended this online course!
I believe that every breeder and every kennel is unique. This project can show and teach you how to make yourself Extraordinary
It is all about the new approach toward the online promotion of the kennel and the preservation of responsible breeders...
Our mission is showing breeders a new approach to the promotion of their breeding program and marketing their litters without direct advertisement.
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Our mission
Starting from January 2020 this project gathered community of more than 300 Breeders all over the world!
19. Estonia
3. Israel
11. Spain
12. Italy
14.Czech Republic
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Short facts about me, Victoria BorysovA
15 years of experience as a Marketing expert, with specialization on strategic marketing, content marketing and branding.
Career path includes Chief Marketing Officer of COLLAR company (global market of pet industry), Group brand manager on the FMCG market.
Owner of the FCI kennel “Eldzh Hope", breeding miniature schnauzers. Graduates of my kennel live in 20 countries around the world, including the top kennels and breed experts. Among alumni's of Eldzh Hope kennel are Top Dog in Europe 2019, European Winner 2021, ISPU champions, Multiple International Champions.
“Breeders are ready to spend time and money on shows, master classes on grooming and handling, and certainly on breeding. But I know only few breeders who work systematically to promote the kennel.
It is time to admit that the online marketing of your breeding program becomes more and more important. A comprehensive approach would allow you to focus on the understanding of how marketing can be helpful to breeders. I am glad that this Online Course is easily understood and applied in practice."
20 years of active dog show life, traveled to about 20 countries for dog shows.
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It is a platform dedicated to ethican dog and cat breeders worldwide. It is all about the new approach toward the online promotion of the breeding program and ongoing support for responsible breeders who love their breed and do their best to develop their kennel.
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